We are an organisation which will operate year round, lobbying resources for our communities.

We shall also work with smaller groups to help them grow capacity and deliver better services in the spirit of the cooperative movement.


Strong Governance is at the heart of the Coop’s structure and at Mardi Gla we have the following checks and balances in place to ensure a well run event:

  • The LGBT Coop Governance Board
  • Mardi Gla Organising Committee
  • Volunteers, Third Sector, Business Groups, Trade Union Groups
  • One third of the Coop’s governance board will be elected annually by LGBT members

Will Labate, chair of the LGBT Coop, visits The Stonewall Inn Bar, in New York.

Future Pride Events being discussed by the LGBT Coop are:-

  • 2020 – Bi is Beautiful
  • 2021 – Celebration of the role women have played in our movement

Thanks for visiting this page. We will be developing our on-line membership system here……

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