Thank you for your interest in participating in the Mardi Gla Pride Procession on Saturday the 26th September 2020.

This pack provides guidance information for participants who are looking to be involved in the procession, be it as an individual or a group, walking or with a float:


This year’s procession/parade/march is a chance to celebrate the equality available to the LGBT+ community in Scotland which developed from the Stonewall Riots held in New York in 1969 as well as a way to challenge actions in other areas of globe where those of LGBT+ community are still being persecuted and not being afforded the freedoms which we are at home. The procession is also an opportunity to raise the awareness of the U=U campaign which is educating those from every background as although HIV was shown in mainstream media to deeply affect the LGBT+ community, it is not restricted to the LGBT+ community and can effect anyone.



You can register for the procession through the Mardi Gla website under the procession section at, In your registration, you will be required to provide the name, email and telephone number of a Specific Point Of Contact (SPOC) as well as a mobile contact telephone number for the day of the procession.

Registration is required to be made by the following groups:

  • Walking groups of more than 9 people
  • Floats
  • Commercial organisations
  • Small groups with distinct banners

Individuals and small groups of 9 or less without banners do not need to register and will be able to join in the community sections of the procession.

Following your registration, prior to the day of the procession, you will be advised of the section and position which you will be appointed, the name of your section leader and the time which you will be required to be at for the procession.


The route will leave from Congress Road at 11:30am travelling into and through Glasgow City Centre on the following streets: Finnieston Quay, Lancefield Quay, Anderston Quay, Broomielaw, Brown Street, Argyle Street, Hope Street, West Regent Street, West Nile Street, Cowcaddens Road, North Handover Street, Cathedral Street, Castle Street, Cathedral Square, John Knox Street, to disperse.

There are points in the route that Glasgow City Council may order that no music should be played and these will be identified prior to the procession.

We look for this to be a continual march however emergency vehicles will be given right of way as we are using public roads.


Safety and conduct

The Mardi Gla team are working closely with a multi-agency team to ensure the success and safety of this procession for everyone. This team includes Glasgow City Council, Police Scotland, Medical providers and more.

Mardi Gla fully recognise the Pride was born out of protest and encourage political participation however those that abuse, disparage or insult the work of the LGBT Co-op, Mardi Gla or any other participant will be withdrawn or removed from procession. We would also like to ensure that participants are aware of the following points to ensure positive and successful delivery of the procession.

  • No nudity is permitted, nor flashing or exposure of areas of the body which are normally covered when out and about in public.
  • No alcohol or drugs to be consumed whilst participating in the community parade. No alcohol should be carried in or on any float, or by walking participants. No participant should be under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance. This is a reminder that it is against Glasgow City by-laws to have opened containers of alcohol or to consume alcohol in the street.
  • You must follow the guidance of your section leader at all times, if you have any concerns of issues, these can be directed to the section leader.
  • Participants, including the entire group/vehicle, that break any of the conditions above may be asked to leave the procession at any time.

Walking groups


All participants must follow the guidance and requests by the Mardi Gla delivery team, other event stewards or police who are trained to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the procession for all. 

Arrival time

All members of the Parade group must arrive at the parade entry point in the allocated time window provided. If walking with a float, the float may be given an earlier time to arrive at the meeting point.

Age Limitations

  • Registered participants of the procession with children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them for the duration of their time at the event. With this, the group must have a robust safeguarding policy and procedure in place, which may be requested prior to procession.


Participants’ Requirements

Parade participants must not be drunk or under the influence of drugs.

  • Anyone seen taking illegal drugs will be reported to the police.
  • Glass bottles or drinking glasses must not be brought into the form up area or parade.
  • In terms of clothing, the minimum amount deemed acceptable is equivalent to standard swimwear
  • No obscenities or offensive material can be presented in the Parade. If you think it could offend or not sure, don’t do it.

Activity Limitations

Soliciting donations or the collecting of money is prohibited.

Music is permitted to be played, at a reasonable volume on the parade route only, not in the form up area or in the points identified in the route plan which will be sent to the SPOC prior to the procession


All floats must meet the same requirements as identified for Walking Groups  however they must also meet the following requirements.


For the safety and security of the event all vehicles must be;

  • Legally roadworthy (MOT)
  • Insured
  • Taxed

The group SPOC must provide the following details

  • The name of the driver/Company which is providing the vehicle.
  • The vehicle’s registration, make and model
  • The driver’s driving licence number, if available.

The vehicle will be checked on the day in the form up area for basic health and safety adherence.

Item relating to the vehicle

Any generators must be diesel or battery powered

Electrical items must be PAT tested and certified

CO2 or powder fire extinguishers need to be located on your float

All materials used on or attached to a float or vehicle must be fireproofed

Decorations must be firmly fixed to the float so that they won’t slip, move or fall during the Parade.

Nothing must protrude from the side of the float


Vehicle Stewards

All groups entering a vehicle must provide stewards from their group. There is a minimum requirement of 1 steward on each side of the vehicle, however additional stewards may be included with one being placed in front of the vehicle.

Stewards will be required to give their name at the check-in point and advise which float they are with. They will then be given a Mardi-Gla t-shirt to make them easily identifiable.

Mounting and dismounting from a moving float is not permitted except in an emergency as communicated by the procession management team

Those who are not on the vehicle, other than the stewards, must follow behind the vehicle, and not pass down the sides or move in front of the vehicle.

All SPOC’s with a vehicle must attend a parade briefing.



The procession is a great opportunity for groups and organisations to increase their awareness within the local community on their values of equality and the campaigns in which they are supporting. The organising committee promote this however ask that all legislative requirements are followed including, but not limited to, full ingredient listings on any foodstuffs, no distribution of open containers and that items are handed out, NO THROWING OR TOSSING FROM FLOATS.


Litter & clean-up

We ask that you do not create litter during the procession. Please keep your rubbish with you, take actions to clear it appropriately through the procession and dispose appropriately at the conclusion of the procession.


Requirements for sections

To ensure the safety and smooth running of the procession, it is essential that the following points are met.

  • All safety requirements noted above are met e.g. to throwing from floats or embarking/disembarking from moving float unless otherwise directed to.
  • Groups register at the designated point which will be included in the advisory email.
  • Groups are at their positions in sections at the specific point advised.
  • Everyone enjoys themselves!

March Costs

This is our main source of income and allow members of the LGBT+ community to enjoy the march and any associated events without any paid for tickets. Cost should never be a barrier to Pride.

We have made it attractive to register early. There are three periods indicated below which afford reductions if registration is made within them……Mardi Gla has not just stopped because of the cancellation of large mass events. We are planning behind the scenes for a major Scottish Pride as soon as we can……..we can not operate on air.

Application Period 1 Early By 1st May 2020 Period 1
Period 2
12th June 2020
Period 2
Period 3
3rd July 2020
Period 3
Not for Profit Organisation
£0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
 Not for profit Organisation Non LGBTQ+  £0.00  £0.00  £40.00  £40.00  £60.00 £60.00
 Small Business Up to 50 employees  £200.00  £400.00  £250.00  £500.00  £325.00  £650.00
 Large Business 50+ Employees  £400.00  £725.00  £500.00  £1,000.00   £650.00  £1,200.00
 Corporate  POA  POA  POA  POA  POA  POA

As part of contingency planning for COVID-19 your registration will automatically transfer to the 26th of September as government advice requires. Safety is our number one priority and we will work closely with all partner agencies to ensure that the right decisions are made regarding the current pandemic. By submitting a registration form you are also agreeing to this and we will keep people updated on social media and


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